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Multiple legal issues affect employers, impacting their relationships with employees, their ability to conduct business operations, and their bottom line. Employers need to make sure they are following all requirements under the applicable employment laws, and they may also need to address disputes with employees or claims related to discrimination.

The law firm of Molho and Associates, LLC provides experienced and dedicated representation for employers, helping them address multiple types of legal issues that affect their businesses. We have nearly 30 years of experience representing privately held, and family-owned companies and other types of businesses in Chicago's Western Suburbs. We take a personal approach to these matters, establishing continuing relationships with our clients and ensuring that they are prepared to address any concerns that they may encounter. No question is too small and no legal problem is intractable. We will work closely with you to find the most efficient and effective solutions to your employment law needs.

Representation for Employers in Employment Law Matters

We help employers address multiple issues related to employees and labor laws, including:

  • Employment contracts - Employers need to make sure contracts for employees and independent contractors fully address the terms of employment, compensation and benefits, restrictive covenants such as non-compete or non-disclosure agreements, paid and unpaid leave, and any other issues that will affect the rights of employers and the work performed by employees. Illinois' Freedom to Work Act, effective January 1, 2022, circumscribes an employer's ability to protect their proprietary information. We can draft enforceable contracts compliant with the Act.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act - Employers may need to address wage and hour disputes with employees or other claims that they have violated laws related to minimum wage, overtime, or employment of minors. Employers may also need to resolve disputes related to the classification of workers as employees or independent contractors.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act - Employers are required to provide employees with unpaid leave if they experience serious medical conditions, need to provide care for a family member, or have had or adopted a child. In some cases, employers may need to address claims that they have not provided the required leave or have retaliated against employees who have taken medical leave.
  • Americans With Disabilities Act - Employees with disabilities have the right to receive accommodations to address their needs while working. Employers may need to address claims that they have not provided the required accommodations or that they have committed other forms of discrimination against employees with disabilities.
  • Administrative charges and litigation - When employers are accused of violating labor laws, they may be investigated by state or federal agencies, and they may face certain types of charges related to discrimination or other employment law issues. We can provide representation for employers in these types of cases, and we can also provide legal help during any litigation that may be related to disputes with employees.

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Employers will need to make sure they are taking the correct steps to address employment law issues, including establishing employment contracts that protect their interests and resolving any disputes with employees or claims that they have violated state or federal labor laws. At Molho and Associates, LLC, we can advise employers of their rights and help them understand the most effective ways to address their concerns. We will help employers take proactive steps to avoid potential legal issues or determine how to respond to any disputes that may arise. Contact us today at 630-517-2622 to schedule a consultation. We provide legal help to employers in Wheaton, DuPage County, Naperville, Downers Grove, Chicago, St. Charles, and Kane County.

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